We are among the leading performance marketing agencies in the DACH region! With the help of creative marketing concepts and a very number-driven approach, we achieve above-average results for our customers, which are directly reflected in their sales figures.

What does NYBA stand for?

With the help of creative marketing concepts and a very number-driven approach, we achieve above-average results for our customers, which are directly reflected in their sales figures and turnover.

We pick up where others stop. We do Marketing & Sales.

Creativity and affinity for numbers combined with highly frequented A/B tests enable us to scale significantly. When analyzing our clients' advertising accounts, we see that the average agency is running a single campaign with two different target groups, a graphic and a maximum of two advertising texts. A set-up that often runs for months without any optimization. At NYBA, we create a variety of campaigns with dozens of target groups, creatives and advertising texts almost every day. This allows us to test thousands of variants in a very short time and guarantee the best performance. In other words, get the most sales or customer inquiries at the lowest price.

The use of many different target groups, creatives and advertising texts generates a maximum range of combinations. These combinations enable us to carry out extensive test phases, from which we can derive deep insights into the target groups. The insights and learnings gained make it possible to optimize online marketing campaigns, which enables us to increase performance and achieve above-average results for your company.

We develop new Target groups and create new, future buyers for your company

In doing so, we not only reach people who have already interacted with your company or just skim off current customers and followers of your company. We open up new target groups and create new, future buyers for your company by starting early on to introduce new target groups to your company and emotionalize them for your brand.

We question and analyse the current status quo of your advertising measures and uncover inefficient concepts. The aim is to build a long-term, highly efficient and cross-platform strategy that not only immediately achieves excellent results, but above all contributes strongly to the future of your company and enables continuous growth for the coming decades.

Founding history



Online Marketing Hetzenegger (sole proprietorship and later GbR)



NYBA Media GmbH was founded in 2018.



Meta Partner
Google Partner



Huawei and TikTok agency beta phase



Huawei Partner of the Year



Founding of NYBA AG

“We deliver real results that have a long-term transformational impact on progressive brands. We are not another full-service marketing agency, we don't do “nice to view” numbers and impressions, we do Sales and conversions That have a direct and measurable impact on your numbers. ”

What we stand for

Performance and performance
Innovation and growth
Transparency and radical honesty
Creativity and quality
Integrity and Responsibility
Creativity and quality
Proactivity and speed

What we don't stand for

Full Service
“Nice-To-View Numbers”

Boutique agency for
Performance marketing

We, NYBA Media GmbH, see ourselves as a boutique agency for performance marketing with which we have rethought the agency model. We only work with a handful of carefully selected customers on a long-term basis.

Why are we doing this?
Simply to achieve better results and ensure long-lasting success for our customers and partners. We don't think in terms of short-term measures to quickly change something on a project basis.
We take the time and have the resources to really “think our way” into the projects. This holistic approach allows us to gain a very deep understanding of topics such as the wishes of the target group, the needs of the community and the dreams of the audience and to address the various user groups in a targeted manner through individual copywriting.

We do it differently!
We'll continue there
Where others stop.

The agency business has changed significantly in recent years. Many new agencies have been added and demand has risen sharply. What we often see, however, is that customers are treated like numbers and agency employees no longer delve into projects to find creative solutions, but simply remain on the “surface.” Instead, many services are offered “off the shelf” and the company's success remains irrelevant. Most “nice-to-view” numbers such as high ranges, impressions or clicks are presented. But not results-oriented indicators such as the number of sales or the turnover achieved.

We do it differently!
We pick up where others stop.
We are focused and motivated.
We believe that our holistic approach allows us to concentrate on and intensively incorporate every project that we carry out.

Not Your Basic Agency.

Above-average performance can only be achieved if enough capacity can be used on projects.
We understand companies holistically and do not just work through projects bluntly. This allows us to make creativity and quality our top priority. Being focused helps build a stronger personal relationship with customers, which is often lost in large organizations. We always look at the customer and their success holistically and do not limit our cooperation exclusively to individual services such as social media marketing or SEA. This means that we think across platforms and plan your online marketing campaigns in such a way that they contribute to each other and the success of your company can be ensured in the long term.
Marketing itself is our passion.
We love developing new strategies and questioning everyday life. To sum it up in one sentence: Not Your Basic Agency.

Core Team


Finance and Accounting


Media Buyer


Managing Director


Business Development


Media Buyer


Project Management


Media Buyer


Happiness Manager

Collaboration requirements

Even ads with an advertising budget in the five-digit range.
Strong will to grow
A positive experience for the end customer

Our beautiful Agency Places

NYBA Media GmbH

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